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Behind Aura Cosmetic Tattoo Services

“My name is Lucrezia, aka Lu. I am the face and hands behind Aura Cosmetic Tattoo services and treatments”

“I describe myself as a kind, humble and passionate hard worker. I was driven into this industry by the need to empower women, to improve their self-confidence and to remind them of their beauty. I love what I do and I believe that the best part of my job is to enhance natural beauty to make a positive change in people’s lives.

I have been forging my path in the industry for many years and I have been trained and worked with some of the best cosmetic tattooist in Melbourne such as Lisa Millington and at Eye Art Studio. This experiences allowed me to become an expert eyebrow tattooist and not just, it enabled me to deliver amazing results for many satisfied clients of all ages and skin tones and ultimately inspired me to become a leading cosmetic tattoo artist in Melbourne.

Also, As a Vegan myself, I have a strong ethic of “do no harm” and practices kindness above all else. I diligently observes ethical cosmetic tattoo procedures, that’s why Aura Cosmetic Tattoo only uses products that are cruelty-free, sustainable and vegan consistently aiming to operate as ethical as possible without putting the clients’ health and safety at risk.

What I’m proud the most about my working space is having a 1:1 approach, and by personally attending to each one of my clients, I have made Aura Cosmetic Tattoo an oasis where my clients can feel safe, listen to and well looked after.”

The ability to enhance natural beauty through cosmetic tattooing offers me a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of others. I become a cosmetic tattoo artist to bring smiles and confidence to women who may be facing similar challenges or simply seeking a way to enhance their appearance. My intention is to use my skills to help individuals feel more beautiful, empowered and confident in their own skin.”

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“I often get asked: “Why did you choose to become a cosmetic tattoo artist?” So, my decision to become a cosmetic tattoo artist was deeply influenced by my personal experience with my auntie’s battle with cancer and her hair loss. Witnessing her struggle and observing how she found solace and confidence through makeup was a turning point for me. When she was putting on makeup, I noticed a significant positive change in her attitude and self-esteem. It made her feel more beautiful and confident, which had a profound impact on her overall well-being. This realization sparked a desire within me to pursue a career in cosmetic tattooing, as I wanted to help others experience the same transformation and boost their self-confidence.

About Aura Cosmetic Tattoo
Our Concept Of Sustainable Beauty

Our Mission, Vision And Values

Our mission at Aura Cosmetic Tattoo is to empower women by providing them with high quality cosmetic tattoo services that enhance natural beauty and boost confidence. We are dedicated to create with cosmetic tattoo transformations that make our clients feel beautiful and self-assured.

The vision is to be leading cosmetic tattoo artist in Melbourne known for commitment to excellence, ethical beauty practice and sustainability. We aim to inspire and uplift women by helping them embrace their individuality and express themselves through our artistic and personalised cosmetic tattoo services. We envision a world where every woman feels empowered and confident in her own skin.

1. Witnessing cosmetic tattoo transformations: We have a genuine passion for what we do, and we take pride in witnessing the positive transformations that occur when our clients leave our studio feeling more confident and empowered.

2. Ethical Cosmetic tattoo and vegan beauty treatments practices: committed to operating our business ethically and responsibly, we prioritise the well being of our clients, using vegan, biodegradable, and recyclable tools and equipment. We continuously seek out sustainable beauty treatments and solutions to minimize our environmental impact.

3. Client-Centric Approach: Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, listening attentively to their needs and desires. We believe in open communication, collaboration, and ensuring that every client leaves our studio satisfied with their personalised cosmetic tattoo.

4. Artistic cosmetic tattooing excellence: We are passionate about the artistry of cosmetic tattooing. We stay up to date with the latest industry trends, techniques and tools to deliver top-notch results. We are dedicated to achieving artistic excellence in every stroke and detail.

5. Building an ethical beauty community: We aim to foster a strong ethical beauty community by connecting with like-minded individuals who value sustainable beauty , empowerment, and self-expression. We believe that together we can create a supportive network of individuals who share our vision and values, promoting ethical beauty practices within the beauty industry.

Our Products And Pigments

At Aura Cosmetic Tattoo, we prioritise your satisfaction and safety, which is why we have chosen these outstanding high quality products and treatments. Come and experience the difference of our premium products and personalised services today! We are confident that you will leave our studio feeling fabulous and confident.Aura Cosmetic Tattoo takes pride in offering you the finest cosmetic tattooing products in the industry. We meticulously select our products to ensure exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

For all cosmetic tattooing we trust Biotek Milano, not only because they share our Italian heritage, but also because they are renowned as the best high quality cosmetic tattoo pigment on the market. Biotek Milano inorganic cosmetic tattoo pigments, delivers personalised cosmetic tattoo services and natural cosmetic tattoo results allowing semipermanent makeup treatments to be adjusted with time to match your evolving preferences.

To remove cosmetic tattoo, we exclusively use the gentle and yet effective formula of  Li-FT as saline cosmetic tattoo removal. This solution is incredibly gentle on the skin while effectively targeting unwanted pigments, leaving your skin looking flawless. The perfect alternative to any laser tattoo removal.

When it comes to lash lift and brow lamination, we proudly use Maxymova, a made in Italy industry-leading keratin-based brand. This product exceptional quality guarantees stunning effortless natural lashes and fluffy brows for an overall eyes enhancement.

(Hawthorn East: 149 Camberwell Road, “Salon Studios”)

Our Private Cosmetic Tattoo Studios

For your own convenience, Aura Cosmetic Tattoo is situated in various locations across Melbourne.

You can find us:
Our primary location in Hawthorn East, located inside “Salon Studios”;
Combining beauty and wellness with cosmetic tattooing at our second location in Blackburn north, located inside “indulge MEDI spa”;
Last but not least, coming soon the exclusive Keilor Eat location located inside “Clarke and co” where you can indulge to a new hairstyle and new brows under the same roof.

All 3 locations are ensuring secluded environment for clients to enjoy their much-deserved “me time” during their procedure. The locations exude a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, creating a unique and tranquil ambiance.

Our aim is to make you feel right at home and completely at ease as you take the step towards a new version of yourself. Rest assured, particularly if it happens to be your first time, with our wealth of experience, you will be in capable and caring hands.

(Blackburn North: Blackburn square shopping centre, “Indulgence MEDI spa”)


(COMING SOON – Keilor East: 45 Wyong St, “Clarke and co”)

Let’s Chat More

We provide complimentary consultations for all our clients.
A FREE consultation will give you the opportunity to meet with LU, so you can carefully go over the process in a step-by-step manner before finalising your appointment. Additionally, it enables you to express any concerns you may have. You can discuss your expectations, goals, as well as address any precare or aftercar and payment plans among other topics. Feel free to get in touch with us for a chat or to arrange your FREE cosmetic tattoo services consultation, either in person at our private studio in Hawthorn East or online via FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Explore Our Range of Treatments

Our Specialisation

With an extensive experience gained through the years working in the industry of cosmetic tattoo Victoria region and Melbourne ares, we specialise in all cosmetic tattooing services and vegan beauty treatments, making Aura Cosmetic Tattoo your trusted treatments provider offering high-quality services in this side of Melbourne. Our premium quality services and treatments includes:

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne

  • Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Nano Brows Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Ombré Brows Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Powder Brows Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Soft Combination Brows Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Eyebrows Correction
  • Eyebrows Alopecia Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

  • Lip Blush Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Lipstick Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Soft Lip Liner Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Borderless Lip Stain Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Lips Correction
  • Lips Neutralization
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner Melboure

  • Winged Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Lash Enhancement Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Bottom Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Eyeliner Correction
  • Lashes Alopecia Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Beauty Treatments Melbourne

  • Keratin Lash Lift
  • Keratin Brow Lamination
  • Brows Sculpt
  • Eyebrows and Lashes Tint
  • Freckles Tattoos Melbourne

  • Freckles Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Beauty Spot Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Saline Tattoo Removal Melbourne

  • Saline Cosmetic Tattoo Removal
  • Aura Cosmetic Tattoo is driven to offer the best cosmetic tattoo Melbourne has to offer. Our goal is make a difference for our clients and witness their ultimate transformation and renewed self-confidence. We love to provide you with the cosmetic tattoo Melbourne needs.

    We Have 5-Stars Google Reviews

    I had a fantastic experience at Aura Cosmetic Tattoo getting a lash enhancement. Lu was so welcoming and took good care of me! The lash enhancement really makes my eyes pop and healed quickly. So wonderful to have a fully vegan business offering these services!

    Sian Neale

    So thrilled to find an eyebrow specialist who uses vegan ink and follows minimal waste methods. Lu explained everything really well before and the details for aftercare. Really happy with Lu’s work and would go back again and recommend.


    Had a lash lift done by Lu and was very happy with the results. Lu made me feel very comfortable and the whole setup was very professional. Would definitely come back and get other treatments done through Aura Cosmetic tattoo. Loved it!

    Alanna L

    I had my eyebrows tattooed for the first time and I was so nervous in the beginning! Lu was absolutely amazing, she calmed my nerves and did such a fantastic job. Will definitely be back!

    Marissa Karvounis

    (Lip blush) I was initially anxious, but Lucrezia took my concerns seriously, answered my questions and her passion for her work and close attention to detail reflects in the results she achieves. I’m really happy, my mum’s booking in with her next.

    Gemma Robson

    Oh what can I say… she is one of the best brow artists with a warm sweet personality … the location and the salon is really classy and I recommend Lulu to any one who needed quality and professional work to get done ..

    Manukala Fernando

    Lu did my eyebrows about a year ago and I absolutely love them. She was patient and listened to my concerns and they turned out perfect!