freckle tattoos Melbourne

Freckles Tattoos Melbourne

Cosmetic Freckle Tattoos in Melbourne

Cosmetic Freckle Tattoo: involves the application of freckles across an area of the face, typically covering cheeks and the nose area. The goal is to create a more scattered and natural permanent freckles. The freckles are typically placed in varying sizes and shades to mimic the appearance of real freckles. The result is a youthful and sun-kissed look. The ultimate freckle tattoos Melbourne girls wants!

Beauty Spot Tattoo

Beauty Spot Tattoo: also known as freckle face tattoo, is usually a single freckle placed strategically to enhance facial features. The placement of a permanent beauty spots can vary, but common locations include the cheek, chin, or upper lip. Beauty spots can be used to create a sense of glamour, draw attention to a specific feature, or simply add character to the face.