cosmetic eyebrow tattoo Melbourne

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne


Microblading: is a technique that consists in depositing the pigment in the skin by creating fine hair-like strokes using a micro-bladed handheld tool. This the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo Melbourne loves the most! It is ideal for individuals who want a natural looking brow enhancement with normal to dry skin. For the best microblading Melbourne has to offer, look for the strokes that mimics the look of real eyebrow hair.

Nano Brows

Nano Brows: this technique is getting extremely popular when it comes to cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne recently. Also known as microshading, this is a technique similar to microblading but is executed using a digital machine and an ultra thin needle to create fine and precise hair strokes. It is suitable for any skin type and is ideal for individuals with thin or sparse eyebrows, as it provides a more defined and filled-in appearance. Joint the nanobrows Melbourne madness!

Ombré Brows

Ombré Brows: creates a gradient effect, starting with a softer, lighter color at the front of the brows and gradually transitioning to more saturated shade towards the tail. This technique is achieved by using a digital machine that deposits the pigment in a stippling or shading motion. This cosmetic tattoo eyebrow technique offers a more defined and polished look and are suitable for all skin types.

Powder Brows

Powder Brows: involve depositing pigment using a digital machine to create a powdered make up look effect. The technique delivers a more permanent eyebrow tattoo as it resembles the appearance of filled-in eyebrows when using eyebrow powder or pencil. Powder brows are suitable for all skin types and are particularly recommended for individuals with oily or mature skin.

Soft Combination Brows

Soft Combination Brows: consists in performing microblading or nano brows first, then add saturation with a soft combination of shading techniques in between the hair strokes. The shading will allow to deliver an overall more balanced natural eyebrow tattoo look by reassessing any bold spots, scars or simply adding density where is needed.

Combination Brows

Combination Brows: combines microblading or nano brows with shading or powder techniques. This approach allows for a more textured and multidimensional look. The hairstrokes are normally created at the head of the brow for a more subtle look, then combined with a shaded effect for added saturation and definition towards the tail.

Eyebrows Correction

Eyebrows Correction: involves correcting old tattooed eyebrows that may have faded, changed color, or were poorly shaped. This technique requires expertise and skill to assess and modify the existing tattoo, correcting the color, shape, and symmetry to achieve the desired result. So don’t keep looking for the “best cosmetic tattoo near me” that can solve your situation because you find us! Book now for your free consultation and have a chat with Lu so you can address all your concerns.

Eyebrows Alopecia

Eyebrows Alopecia: Eyebrow tattooing can be a suitable option for individuals with alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss, including the eyebrows. In such cases, the chosen technique will depend on the client’s preferences and the extent of hair loss. Eyebrows cosmetic tattoo can help recreate the appearance of natural eyebrows and provide a confidence boost. Also, we are currently looking for models at discounted prices for any style of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo Melbourne’s women with Alopecia or any other conditions that might have caused hair loss.