cosmetic lip tattoo Melbourne

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

Lip Blush

Lip Blush: lip blush tattoo involves adding a subtle tint of color to the lips creating a soft natural-looking blush. The pigment gets evenly deposited across the lips, enhancing their natural shape and reassessing the natural lips line by adding a touch of colour. The reason behind cosmetic lip tattoo Melbourne popularity is because it is ideal for individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their lips, add definition and achieve a youthful, healthy-looking results.


Lipstick: aims to mimic the appearance of wearing lipstick. It involves creating a more pronounced color gradient on the lips and can be customized to achieve various lipstick shades and intensities. You can wear you desired lipstick lip color tattoo without the need for daily makeup application.

Soft Lip Liner

Soft Lip Liner: also known as lips contouring, focuses on enhancing the shape and definition of the lips. Using a technique similar to the traditional lip liner tattoo, the color is then gradually shaded towards the center of the lips, resulting in a soft and natural-looking enhancement.

Borderless Lip Stain

Borderless Lip Stain: involves depositing pigment evenly across the lip starting from the centre without distinct lip borders or defined lip liner. The goal is enhances the lip color, giving the appearance of natural strawberry lips. Borderless lip stain cosmetic tattoo is often preferred by individuals who are happy with their natural lips shape and desire a no-makeup makeup look.

Lips Neutralization

Lips Neutralization: involves treating lips hyperpigmentation such as dark spots or different colours patches with lips cosmetic tattooing. By carefully selecting a pigment shade that counteracts the underlying color, we can create an even and more balanced lip colour and overall appearance. This technique is particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions like melasma or hyperpigmentation disorders. We are confident that we can deliver the most affordable and the best cosmetic lip tattoo Melbourne has to offer!

Lips Correction

Lips Correction: involves correcting tattooed lips and addressing pre-existing cosmetic tattoo issues by modifying the color and shape of the lips. In cases you’re unhappy with the colour used for your previous tattoo or how it faded we can adjust the pigment shade or correct any asymmetries to achieve a more desired outcome. Contact us now for the best lip tattoo Melbourne has to offer!These technique requires careful analysis of the existing tattoo and skillful application to achieve the desired correction, and we are proudly pro at it!