cosmetic tattoo eyeliner Melbourne


If you’d like to have a look at what our cosmetic eyeliner tattoo treatments can do, our tattoo eyeliner before and after photos will show you the improvement it can make and the results we can deliver. These eyeliner tattoo before and after pictures are proofs of our artistry and expertise that go with every procedure we do at Aura Cosmetic Tattoo. Let these photos be your guideposts to help you decide and inspire you to achieve the look you want.

So if you’re still Googling “eyeliner tattoo near me” and other permanent makeup studios, end your search with Aura Cosmetic Tattoo. We are what you are looking for!
We also offer free consultations to all clients so you can get to meet with Lu, have a chat about your concerns and expectations and express your concerns about the whole process or what you want to achieve with tattoo eyeliner before and after your treatment so you can plan accordingly before deciding about having the treatment.

Just A Reminder

Just a reminder that cosmetic tattooing and all its procedures take time to heal. Just like the other treatments, you need time to take its natural course to see the full effect of the treatment. We’re sure that once you’re healed, you’d probably entertain the idea of being featured in our gallery to show how the treatment was a success. It’s going to be a testament to how you’ve been served by Aura Cosmetic Tattoo to your utmost satisfaction and to the great work we have done together.

Our Promise

We do have a very strong ethic of “do no harm” and this has become the company ethos. We strictly practice kindness above all else. As such we do not put our client’s health and safety at risk. Having said that, we can guarantee that the procedure is done safely and expertly, observing and adhering to ethical cosmetic tattoo procedures that go with every treatment we do. We also use products that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly as we want to consistently operate sustainably as much as possible.

Our Specialisations

With an extensive experience gained through the years, we are confident in offering the best cosmetic tattooing services as well as beauty treatments in this side of Melbourne. We got you covered! Aura Cosmetic Tattoo is going to be your trusted beauty and cosmetic tattoo studio providing only high-quality treatments and delivering only the result that you wish for.